Cheap Accommodation Options for Travelers


One of the top things you have to consider when planning to travel is accommodation. In most cases, accommodation usually accounts for a high percentage of the travel budget. However, that does not always have to be the case. Some cheap accommodation options can help you save money. A few affordable accommodation options for travelers are highlighted below.

Serviced Apartments furnished apartment

A serviced apartment is usually a great option for anyone looking to enjoy hotel-like services without paying the high hotel rates. Serviced apartments are typically well-furnished to cater to any of your needs and give you the homely feeling. Compared to hotels and other conventional accommodation forms, service apartments are a lot cheaper for short-term stays.


A hostel is another great idea for budget accommodation. You get to share the same space with other people, which creates a nice social environment. The style and prices of hostels vary accordingly, which means you can always look for a hostel that fulfills your needs. Most hostels are usually dorm-style rooms, which have shared kitchens and bathrooms. Staying in a hostel can also allow you to find unique information about the area you are visiting, such as the people’s nature.


A guesthouse is a little closer to a hotel than a hostel is in both price and style. You can get your room and bathroom in most cases, making it a good choice when you need privacy. However, you still get to share the kitchen and common area with other guests. That means you still get to enjoy the social aspects of it as well.

Short-Term Vacation Rentals

If you can find someone with a spare room or an entire house that they are not using at the moment, you can find yourself a nice deal on a daily or weekly basis. Such apartments are usually fully furnished. They are quite convenient when you are traveling as a group or family. You get to enjoy the feeling of home while on vacation.


A homestay is when you get to stay with a family that rents out a room to you. It is quite convenient when you are looking to learn the people’s culture in the destination as you observe the family’s lifestyle. Depending on the family that rents out the room, you might get to enjoy breakfast and dinner as well.


Camping is one of the cheapest options that you can get. All you need to do is find a great spot and pitch a tent. In most cases, you can get a camping spot for free. You get to be a lot closer to nature.